As a young latina growing up in New York City, there were always things going on in my life whether it was something that happened “on the block”, anything related to my family, the anxiety, the good times, or the unexpected. 

As I entered many different chapters of my life, I always tended towards one specific thing in my young adult journey that always stood constant. I consistently tended to the one thing that gave me balance throughout the chaos, balanced me out, and always made me come back to who I truly am. That one thing is taking care of my skin and prioritizing myself even with the constant life changes that happen as a young adult in a city that never sleeps. 

SoulMadeCare is my way of reminding you that no matter what happens in life, the only thing that remains constant is you. 

So, here I am reminding you to not forget to take care of yourself with products that blend in beautifully with the natural glow of your skin while also treating its concerns, all at the same time. 

I created this community as a way to become a safe haven to those who need inspiration, guidance, and a boost of confidence to be comfortable within their own skin, and most important of all, happy.